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Interested in joining our efforts to protect the preborn?

We need your help!

Join hundreds of individuals around the state who are aiding in our efforts. Click the button below to fill out our volunteer interest form, and we’ll send you more information shortly.

Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Roles

  • Volunteer Petition Gatherer: No training required, just read through our Volunteer Guide and get started!
  • County Teams Area Coordinator: Help coordinate petition-gathering opportunities in your area of the state. Training provided.
  • Outbound Phone Calling: Want to volunteer from home? Help spread the word by making phone calls to churches and other like-minded organizations. Brief training provided.
  • Prayer Partner: Participate in regularly scheduled, state-wide prayer meetings on Zoom.
  • Connector: Are you well connected in your community and/or across the state? Help us connect to other like-minded individuals and organizations who would be willing to engage in our efforts.
  • Informational Meeting Host: Help coordinate a meeting for others in your community to learn more about our life-saving efforts.

For additional information on how you can get involved, contact today!