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Statements Of Support


“God bless all who, knowing that the right to life is neither negotiable nor subject to the winds and waves of laws and politics, are supporting the Human Life Protection Amendment in Florida. It is a movement of conscience and I am grateful to all who are part of it!”

Frank Pavone, Pro-Life Leader

National Director of Priests for Life
President of National Pro-Life Religious Council

“Big Abortion has shifted attention toward Constitutional authority in each state. As we saw with Roe’s oppressive application, constitutional protection of abortion will do more than expose preborn children, it will abandon common-sense protections for women being coerced into a decision she doesn’t really want. Every woman should be loved and supported in her pregnancy. Floridians have the chance to make a bold, positive statement to protect women from predatory practices, preborn children from the threat of extinction, and preserve future life-giving generations. We must stand strong for life.” 

Jor-El Godsey, President

Heartbeat International

“The U.S. Constitution protects Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Yet, legalized abortion has long denied these rights to the most vulnerable among us. The Human Life Protection Amendment would ensure that these fundamental rights are upheld for the preborn by embedding them in Florida’s Constitution. Not only would this amendment help heal the scar abortion has left on our state, it would begin to restore dignity back to these precious little ones that bear the very image of God. I stand in strong support of this amendment. “

Ted Yoho

Representative for Florida's 3rd Congressional District, 2013-2021

“Currently, there is a pro-abortion ballot initiative working on an amendment that would enshrine a “right” to abortion in our Florida Constitution, even up to the point of birth. All of us who stand on the side of life must “Decline to Sign” the petition for this outrageous amendment, just like our 8 Florida Catholic Bishops asked us to do. But while it’s important to play defense, what about offense? I believe the Human Life Protection Amendment is Florida’s greatest strategy to go on the offense to protect ALL preborn lives, and as I included in my prayerful letter to our Bishops, it’s “Fine to Sign” this powerful, life-affirming petition. Having spent the past 2 years working hand-in-hand with the Human Life Protection Amendment team, I cannot emphasize enough the urgency of getting this ever-critical amendment on the 2024 ballot. With all that being said: If protecting the preborn were a crime – I’d be doing LIFE…and saving a few while I’m at it!”

Willy Guardiola

President of Palm Beach County Right to Life League & Founder of Pro-Lifers 4 Trump

“While the Florida legislature has taken great strides to protect the unborn, thousands of babies within the state are losing their lives to abortion each year. Care Net values the sanctity of all human life and the Human Life Protection Amendment would protect the unborn regardless of any court ruling. I encourage all Floridians to sign the petition in support of the most vulnerable lives among us. We are counting on your state to pave the way.” 

Roland Warren, President and CEO

Care Net, A Pro Abundant Life Ministry

“Fighting for the rights and freedoms of individuals has been a core issue for me both as a candidate, and as an elected official. The right to life and the freedom to be born have been long-standing convictions of mine as well. The proposed Human Life Protection Amendment embodies both, and has my full support.” 

Keith Perry, State Senator

Florida Senate District 9

“The science is clear, life begins at conception. The laws of Florida and of our nation must recognize the dignity and humanity of preborn children, and protect them and women from the predatory abortion industry. Ending abortion and shuttering abortion facilities across Florida is the objective of the Human Life Protection Amendment, one we wholeheartedly support.”

Kristan Hawkins, President

Students for Life of America and Students for Life Action

“I’ve always been guided by the words of Martin Luther when he said, ‘If we are not fighting where the battle is hottest, we are traitors to the cause.’ The battle is raging in the state of Florida and the lives of countless preborn children are at stake. The Human Life Protection Amendment is a powerful weapon in the fight to protect these precious lives, and every life-affirming citizen needs to get behind it.”

Janet Porter, Founder and President


“When it comes to the issue of abortion, each person must ask, ‘Am I a person who is for life, or one who is for death?’ There really is no in-between. If you are a Floridian who stands for life, I urge you to add your signature in support of the Human Life Protection Amendment — a foundational proposal for the protection of all preborn lives.” 

Kevin Sorbo

Actor, Producer, Director

“Secular humanists have redefined the word ‘abortion’ to mean a right, a kind of health care, or female empowerment; anything but the truth. Abortion truly is the termination of a human life – and if it weren’t, the baby would live. The Human Life Protection Amendment would end the tragic termination of preborn life in Florida. I encourage every Floridian to sign the petition to get this on the ballot!”

Sam Sorbo

Author, Filmmaker, and Education Freedom Advocate

“CHOICES Clinics supports the Human Life Protection Amendment that will protect the preborn from the moment of conception.  Every human life, without exception, has value and purpose.”

Kristen Mosley, Executive Director


“Though Roe v Wade has been overturned, the fight for life is far from over. The baton has simply been handed over to the states, and now the responsibility is on us, as citizens, to courageously protect the vulnerable preborn. Floridians, it’s time to use your voice to usher in a culture of life by signing the Human Life Protection Amendment petition! Don’t waste this opportunity to extend compassion to ‘the least of these’ in your state.” 

David Benham, Author & Entrepreneur

“I was extremely pleased that the legislature has already taken steps to put statutory restrictions on abortion, but statutes are easily undone. We need permanent protections for life at every stage in our state constitution, and I am pleased to endorse this amendment and support its passage.”

Ryan D. Chamberlin, State Representative

Florida House District 24

“Any and all attempts to protect life should be pursued, including Constitutional approaches. Embedding the Human Life Protection Amendment into the foundational document that governs our state would serve future generations of Floridians. I don’t believe we have a choice but to support this effort.”

Tim Marden, Chairman

Alachua County Republican Executive Committee

“The gates of hell never have, nor will they ever, prevail against God’s prevailing church. Love what you are doing with the Florida Human Life Protection Amendment.”

Flip Benham

Operation Save America

“An extreme pro-abortion initiative, being backed by millions of dollars, has launched in Florida, and we must take it very seriously and fight back hard. We agree with the organizers of the Human Life Protection Amendment ballot initiative that the best defense is a good offense. That is why we wholeheartedly support placing this life-saving amendment on Florida’s November 2024 ballot to recognize the God-given right to life of every preborn child. We strongly urge everyone to sign the petition and support it at the ballot box.”

Anthony Verdugo, Founder and Executive Director

Christian Family Coalition

“I’m grateful to God for the Human Life Protection Amendment underway in Florida. There is no such thing as a child who is expendable, disposable, or worthless. We have made positive strides, but the evil, being the cheapening of human life is more vicious than ever. Speaking for and working toward the recognition of the intrinsic worth and value of every life is the duty of every believer.”

Mike Huckabee

Governor of Arkansas, 1996-2007

“As someone who was conceived in rape, as well as an attorney, who’s litigated on behalf of preborn children, I wholeheartedly support the Human Life Protection Amendment. From a moral standpoint, all preborn babies, regardless of why they are conceived, deserve equal protection under the law.”

Rebecca Kiessling, President

Save The 1

“Florida Citizens Alliance strongly supports The Human Life Protection Amendment. Our focus is education and children, but think about it…if we are not teaching our children to respect life, our culture spirals into moral depravity. Disciple your children to respect life from conception!”

Keith Flaugh, CEO and Co-Founder

Florida Citizens Alliance

“I, with all my heart and soul, support everyone’s God-given right to life, especially the most vulnerable among us, the preborn children. I fully support the Human Life Protection Amendment.”

Mike Lindell, CEO

My Pillow, Inc.

“When the final curtain is drawn, will we have been found faithful to have protected the most vulnerable? Will we have done everything in our power to be their advocates, to defend the defenseless? Floridians, you have an immense opportunity in your state to advocate for the right to life of the preborn through the Human Life Protection Amendment. I urge you to sign this important petition, and share it with everyone you know.”

Heidi St. John, Author & Speaker

The Heidi St. John Podcast

“I encourage people in the Sunshine State to support The Human Life Protection Amendment. Let’s make certain Florida stands for the preborn!”

Dr. Ted Traylor, Senior Pastor

Olive Baptist Church
Pensacola, FL

“The ‘Final Chapter Of The Civil Rights Movement’ is about persons or personhood — not one “race” of people, but humanity itself. It proceeds from the fundamental question, is your right to live inherent because you are a human being or does it depend on whether or not someone wants you? Florida’s Human Life Protection Amendment embraces personhood, the “Final Chapter Of The Civil Rights Movement” and understands that each person who is spared because of it, will receive a priceless gift — the chance to write the chapters of his or her own life story.”

Walter B. Hoye II

Issues4Life Foundation
Exodus 1:15-21

“I was almost 13 when Roe v Wade was passed. My dad was a doctor and I remember him telling the kids at the dinner table what had just happened. Even at that young age I knew that abortion was wrong. I spent the next 49 years praying and working for the overturning of Roe. We have much work to do until abortion is not only illegal but unthinkable. I urge all Florida residents to support the Human Life Protection Amendment. Every state needs to do this.”

Bishop Joseph L Coffey

Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA

“I strongly support this initiative. It’s a great way to protect the lives of unborn children.”

Anthony Sabatini

State Representative for Florida House District 32, 2018–2022

“Scripture is clear about life. It’s sacred because we are made in God’s image. This value is UNMOVABLE . Only when we see life as God does, do we understand the importance of the Human Life Protection Amendment. It recognizes life from conception, regardless of circumstances, and is a voice for the most innocent and vulnerable. I am grateful for, and in full support of this initiative that will protect life and liberty.”

Gary Crawford, Founder and CEO

Gary Crawford Leadership, Global Missions 365, & Amazon Vision Ministries

“Pro-Life Partners Foundation applauds Florida’s Human Life Protection Amendment. May this initiative inspire our nation to honor unalienable rights – rights that exist the moment we exist. Doing so will go a long way to healing our nation.”

Michael Kenney, President

Pro-Life Partners Foundation

“Because we bear the image of God, all mankind, and, by extension, each and every human life has a “specialness” and worth that demands respect. Each human life, from its earliest stage of development, is a unique Person which bears God’s likeness, and should have the same protection of law that is afforded other “persons” in our society. For this reason, all human life should be respected in law. This respect is due regardless of the manner of conception.”

Daniel Becker, President Emeritus

Personhood Alliance and Georgia Right to Life

“I encourage all Florida residents of good will to stand up for the right to life of our littlest brothers and sisters and support the FL Human Life Protection Amendment. This is not complicated: it is a scientific fact that life begins at conception and to directly, intentionally kill innocent human life is evil and ought to be illegal in law and unthinkable in culture. Use whatever talents and influence you have to keep pushing. God sees.”

Jim Havens, Co-Founder

The National Men's March to Abolish Abortion and Rally for Personhood

“The unborn are unable to speak in their own defense; therefore, be it resolved that we reaffirm our historic commitment to the sacredness of human life. The Florida Church of God supports the Human Life Protection Amendment and their desire to preserve God assigned special value to human life. We join together with pro-life advocates to defend the sanctity and dignity of life for the unborn and born alike.”

Bishop Tim Brown, State Administrative Bishop

Florida Church of God

“The Human Life Protection Amendment is an opportunity for the citizens of Florida to clearly declare that all life has value and is in need of protection. This initiative is not a stepping stone but an absolute truth worthy of support.”

Katherine Gratto, Executive Director

Sira Pregnancy Center

“The Human Life Protection Amendment is urgently needed. The ongoing and even escalating slaughter of unborn children in Florida is unconscionable and must be brought to an end. Protecting life in the Constitution is the surest and strongest way to make sure no more unborn babies are killed, regardless of what radical courts or legislators think. This is long overdue. With the nation and the world watching Florida, it is past time for our state to lead on this most critical of issues.”

Alex Newman, President and CEO

Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc.

“Good constitutional provisions should be clear and concise, and the Human Life Protection Amendment is just that. The proposed amendment enshrines the right to life of the preborn in the Florida constitution. As the paramount human right, the right to life should be protected at the highest level of man-made law, and that is within the state’s foundational governing document. Signing the petition gets us one step closer to ensuring that the right to life of the preborn will be placed beyond the whims of courts and the reach of the well-funded abortion lobby.”

Gualberto Garcia Jones, Executive Director

International Human Rights Group

“The most fundamental right of a person, at any stage, is life itself. The Human Life Protection Amendment seeks to secure this God-given right to life for the unborn within the Florida Constitution. I encourage Florida voters to support this effort and sign the petition today. If we don’t protect innocent life, we truly have no other liberty.”

David Gibbs III, President and General Counsel

National Center for Life and Liberty

“There is nothing more basic than the right to life, so I rejoice that Floridians are able to affirm that right in this vital amendment. Now is the time to stand up for life, and I applaud those who are doing so!”

Eric Metaxas, Author

New York Times #1 Bestseller, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

“Despite its growing reputation for affirming freedom under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, the freedom of 75,000 pre-born individuals is cut short annually by abortion. It’s time to rebuild the wall of protection around Florida. Banning abortion only after 15 weeks gestation isn’t remotely acceptable.

As long as 75,000 image bearers of God are still being sacrificed, Floridians cannot, in good conscience, bask in their freedom. Take a stand for these precious lives by circulating the petition to get the Human Life Protection Amendment on the ballot.”

Adam McManus, Show Host

The Worldview in 5 Minutes

“Florida Voice for the Unborn enthusiastically supports the Human Life Protection Amendment because it will enshrine the right to life of our state’s preborn children – from the moment of conception – in Florida’s governing document. Such an amendment will permanently protect the preborn from the changing whims of politicians in Tallahassee. Please sign the petition today!”

Andrew Shirvell, Founder & Executive Director

Florida Voice for the Unborn

“Roe v Wade may be overturned, but it is not over! Innocent little baby boys and girls are still being unmercifully killed by the barbaric act of abortion in the Sunshine State. These are crimes against humanity. As the greatest civil and human rights issue of today, it must be treated as such. The Human Life Protection Amendment would set the unborn free, protecting each one of these precious babes at all stages of development. The same rights that you and I share, the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, must be extended to the youngest in our state, and this amendment will work to do this. I am in full support!”

Michele Herzog, Director

Pro-Life Action Ministries Central Florida

“We treat the preborn in the womb as patients and patients have rights. Centers across the country are now performing life-saving fetal blood transfusions, fetal open heart surgery, fetal spina bifida corrective surgery, and fetal laser vascular surgery. A patient is a person no matter how small.

Join us as we not only support pregnant mothers, but save the lives of babies in the womb and serve the Kingdom of our Lord in defending His preborn. The Human Life Protection Amendment will be an excellent tool to accomplish that goal.”

Dr. William Lile, DO, FACOG


“I fully support the Human Life Protection Amendment. It’s a scientifically proven fact that abortion at any stage of development terminates a human life. We must protect every preborn child from the evil of abortion.”

Mike Essen, Talk Show Host

The Mike Essen Show: South Florida’s Conservative Voice

“LIFE Runners passionately supports the Human Life Protection Amendment to protect all preborn lives in Florida. The first duty of the government is to protect its people. As a Ph.D. nano-analytical chemist, I can attest that life and personhood begin at conception. We are racing with you to cross the finish line that ends abortion. All In Christ for Pro-Life!”

Dr. Pat Castle, Founder

LIFE Runners

“I strongly urge support of this important initiative which not only has abortion ending, life saving implications for Florida, but could go a long way in bringing about the end of abortion through Constitutional Personhood from fertilization nationwide.”

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Founder and President


“Action for Life Florida fully supports the proposed Human Life Protection Amendment. Our most precious resource is the next generation of children including pre-born children. We encourage all Florida voters to sign the petition to place this important constitutional amendment on the 2024 ballot.”

BC Cloutier, President and Producer

Action for Life TV

“As the director of Leesburg’s Pregnancy & Family Care Center for the past 20 years, I wholeheartedly support the Human Life Protection Amendment. This amendment honors God by protecting all preborn human life without exception, which is exactly what we need in Florida.”

Wanda Kohn

WORLD’s Daniel of the Year, 2007 Award Recipient

“One of the most important fundamental responsibilities of civil government is the protection of human life. That’s why I sponsored the Heartbeat bill while in office. Seeing the lack of political will to support even this confirmed for me that protecting all preborn human life with a Florida constitutional amendment is necessary, legitimate and justified.”

Mike Hill

State Representative for Florida House District 2, 2018-2020

“The Hosea Initiative fully supports the efforts of the Human Life Protection Amendment and urges all life-minded Floridians to sign the petition as soon as possible. This could very well be the means that God uses to help correct the widespread deception that currently denies the right to life of the pre-born child in Florida.”

Terry Beatley, President

Hosea Initiative

“New Life Solutions is thrilled to support the Human Life Protection Amendment. Our calling and our charge is to be a voice for the voiceless, a defender of the defenseless, and to provide for those most vulnerable. One of the most vulnerable populations in our society today who need a voice to speak up for them are the preborn children. The Human Life Protection Amendment embraces this charge and will ensure innocent preborn children are protected from the moment of conception.”

Charles J. DiMarco, President/CEO

New Life Solutions

“I deeply believe in the purpose of the Human Life Protection Amendment. It has been a joy to challenge Assemblies of God ministers and people in Florida to join this important and righteous crusade. Your signature, added to a million others, will change the tide on this campaign. Please join, sign up, and protect human life in Florida.”

Dr. Terry Raburn, Superintendent

Peninsular Florida District Council of the Assemblies of God

“We are excited about the Human Life Protection Amendment which would protect all preborn human life without exception. Our dream of seeing these precious children protected by love and by law is that much closer to becoming a reality!”

Jay Rogers, President

Personhood Florida Education Right

“Women Impacting The Nation is proud to stand with and support the Human Life Protection Amendment. Life is God’s heart and we proudly stand with and for life.”

Sue Trombino, President and Founder

Women Impacting the Nation

“The Human Life Protection Amendment will protect our preborn brothers and sisters from the moment of fertilization. This amendment also recognizes the value of every human life regardless of the circumstances of conception. My biological mother was raped as a teenager. I am grateful that my life was protected by law in the state of Michigan decades ago. I was adopted and loved. I did not deserve the death penalty for the crimes of my biological father. Florida must protect every human life without exception.”

Pam Stenzel, Board Member

Personhood Florida

“It takes about a million signatures to get this on the ballot, and we want to do our part as Florida Baptists in supporting this.”

Dr. Tommy Green, Executive Director

Florida Baptist Convention

“CEC For Life supports this life-saving effort. With the Human Life Protection Amendment, Florida citizens have a chance to uphold the sanctity of life in their state and save real human lives.”

Fr. Terry Gensemer, International Director

CEC For Life

“Operation Rescue encourages Florida citizens to get behind pro-life grassroots efforts and gladly endorses the Human Life Protection Amendment. Your voice can save preborn lives and end abortion in your state!”

Troy Newman, President

Operation Rescue