Q: What is the full text of the amendment?

A: You can click here to read the full text.

Q: Where do I mail signed petitions to?


Protect Human Life Florida
14260 West Newberry Road, #420
Newberry, FL 32669

Q: Do I have to mail petitions back individually or can I send them in bulk.

A: You can mail them in bulk to the address above.

Q: Why is this amendment needed?

A: All human beings have value. That fact doesn’t change based on their age, health, or level of ability. The Human Life Protection Amendment embeds this truth in our state constitution. This is needed in order to prevent perversions of justice. With this amendment in place, we can all rest assured knowing that human life is being protected in Florida.

Q: What needs to happen to get this amendment on the ballot in 2022?

A: We need 891,589 validated petitions, which equals 8% of the 11,144,855 votes cast in the 2020 presidential election in Florida. We also need to meet minimum petition thresholds in 14 of Florida’s 27 congressional districts.

Q: Who is backing this amendment?

A: This is a grassroots initiative backed by citizens from all over the State of Florida who are passionate about the protection of vulnerable human life.

Q: How much time do we have?

A: To account for the time it takes for signed petitions to be returned to us, processed on our end, and submitted to the Supervisors of Elections of each respective county for validation, we are asking Petition Partners to send signed petitions to us within 30 days of starting the collection process. The final deadline for validated petitions is 2/1/2022.

Q: How can I help?


1. Sign the Petition

2. Share the Mission

3. Download the App

4. Support the Movement

Q: If I signed the petition last year, do I need to sign another one this year?

A: No, you do not need to sign another one.

Q: Why are “law enforcement operations” mentioned in the full text of the amendment?

A: We added that clause so it would be clear that this amendment is not intended to disarm law enforcement personnel.

Q: How will this affect living wills?

A: This amendment is not intended to change a patient’s right to self-determination using a written and properly executed DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) or living will.

Q: How will this affect end-of-life care?

A: Families will still be able to make appropriate end-of-life decisions in coordination with doctors and consistent with patient wishes if their relative is diagnosed with complete cessation of brain function.

Q: What about pregnancies resulting from cases of rape or incest?

A: Our amendment does not make any distinction based on manner of conception.

Q. Where do I get Petition Partner Packets?

A. Please visit our Hub Site Locator page at https://humanlifefl.com/hub-site-locator/ to find the hub site closest to your location.

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