Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full text of the amendment?

You can click here to read the full text in English.

Para ver el documento de texto completo en Español, haga clic aquí.

Where do I mail signed petitions?

Protect Human Life Florida
14260 W Newberry Road, #420
Newberry, FL 32669

Do I have to mail petitions back individually or can I send them in bulk?

You can mail them in bulk to the address above.

How many petitions are needed to get this amendment on the ballot in 2024?

We need 891,589 validated petitions, which equals 8% of the 11,144,855 votes cast in the 2020 presidential election in Florida.

Who is backing this amendment?

This is a grassroots initiative backed by citizens from all over the State of Florida who are passionate about the protection of vulnerable preborn human life.

What if I signed the petition before?

Our current revised petition was approved for circulation on August 12, 2022. All petitions submitted prior to this date have expired, so if this applies to you please print, sign, and send in another one. 

How much time do we have?

The final deadline for petitions to be validated is February 1, 2024.

What about pregnancies resulting from cases of rape or incest?
Our amendment does not make any distinction based on manner of conception.
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