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Although the word “life” appears 34 times in the Florida Constitution, not once is it mentioned in reference to preborn human life. 

So, rather than proposing changes to the existing text, the Human Life Protection Amendment would add unambiguous and essential life-saving language that recognizes the God-given right to life of every preborn individual in Florida.

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Protect Human Life Florida
14260 W Newberry Road, #420
Newberry, FL 32669

Yes, you can mail them in bulk to the address below.

Protect Human Life Florida
14260 W Newberry Road, #420
Newberry, FL 32669

We need 891,589 validated petitions, which equals 8% of the 11,144,855 votes cast in the 2020 presidential election in Florida.

Of the 29 active citizen initiatives attempting to gain ballot placement in 2024, the Human Life Protection Amendment is the only one that addresses the protection of the preborn.

This is a grassroots initiative backed by citizens from all over the State of Florida who are passionate about the protection of vulnerable preborn human life.

Additionally, we have received a number of statements of support that can be viewed here

The final deadline for petitions to be validated is February 1, 2024.
Our current revised petition was approved for circulation on August 12, 2022. All petitions submitted prior to this date have expired, so if this applies to you please print, sign, and send in another one.

The “right to abortion” supposedly contained within the Right of Privacy amendment in Section 23 of Article I of the Florida Constitution has often been called “Florida’s Roe vs. Wade,” and could potentially impact current and future legislative attempts to protect preborn life.

Our effort, in contrast, is focused on adding an entirely new section under Article I, titled Preborn Human Life, which circumvents the risk of judicial interpretation, the main problem posed by Section 23. So, while this “Privacy Right” is a potential roadblock for current and future pro-life legislation, it does not create a challenge for our proposed constitutional amendment.

Our amendment does not make any distinction based on manner of conception.



The biggest way you can help is to gather signed petitions from registered Florida voters. Ask your friends, family, church, and community members to sign the petition today!

If you’re interested in serving in one of the following capacities, please complete our volunteer form, and one of our team members will get in touch with you soon. 

  • County Area Coordinator
  • County Team Member
  • Liaison for My Church
  • Connector to Other Organizations
  • Informational Meeting Host
  • Prayer Partner
  • Outbound Phone Calling

Anyone can get petitions signed. Although you must be a registered Florida voter in order to sign the petition, anyone can help gather signatures, regardless of age or voter status. 

Simply print copies of the petition, then ask like-minded registered voters in Florida to sign it.

Once completed and signed, petitions can be mailed to the address below:

Protect Human Life Florida

14260 W Newberry Road, #420

Newberry, FL 32669

1. Be friendly, but confident in approaching people.

2. Always ask the individual if they are a registered Florida voter.

3. Ask if they would like to sign a petition. Here are a few suggested questions to lead with:

  • Would you be interested in signing a pro-life petition?
  • Would you like to help protect vulnerable preborn lives by signing a petition?
  • Do you have a few minutes to sign a petition to protect preborn lives?


4. If a voter does not wish to sign a petition, do not attempt to pressure or coerce them to do so. Many will sign without hesitation, and you are there to give them the opportunity to do so.

Simply ask them to send their questions to and we will do our best to clarify any questions they might have. We do not expect you to become a subject-matter expert on this amendment in order to gather signatures. 

No, you do not need to complete the volunteer form prior to gathering signatures, although is helpful for us to know who is engaged, so that we can connect you to local team members, as well as provide any resources that you may need.

We are utilizing volunteer petition gatherers exclusively, and therefore we are circulating petition form DS-DE 155A

Yes, we are happy to sign off on volunteer hours for high school students dedicated to gathering signed petitions. Contact for more information. 



Individuals, corporations, and unions can make unlimited contributions to ballot measure campaigns in Florida. 

On July 1, 2021 U.S. District Judge Allen Winsor issued a preliminary injunction blocking the enforcement of Florida Senate Bill 1890. SB 1890 was designed to set $3,000 limits on campaign contributions to committees in support of or opposition to ballot initiatives during signature gathering. It would have taken effect on July 1, 2021 without the injunction.

Judge Winsor wrote that the state “bears the burden of justifying restrictions on political expression by advancing at least ‘a significantly important interest’ that is ‘closely drawn to avoid unnecessary abridgment of associational freedoms.’ Binding decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court and the 5th Circuit (Court of Appeals) applied those principles and concluded that the First Amendment forbids limitations like those SB 1890 imposes.”

As a result, there are currently no contribution limits to ballot measure campaigns in Florida.

Yes, a check can be made payable to “Protect Human Life Florida” and mailed to the address below. 

Protect Human Life Florida

14260 W Newberry Road, #420

Newberry, FL 32669

An individual or group that seeks to sponsor a proposed amendment by initiative must be registered as a political committee with the Division of Elections prior to submission of the proposed initiative. Thus, “Protect Human Life Florida” is the name of the sponsoring committee for the Human Life Protection Amendment citizen initiative. 

No, the contribution made in support of the Human Life Protection Amendment, either by check, or through the “Donate” link on this website is being made to a political committee registered with the Florida Division of Elections and is not tax-deductible. 

Yes, not only are there no limits to the amount that can be contributed to a ballot initiative in Florida, there are also no limits to the number of times a contribution can be made.

There are many expenses associated with a statewide citizen initiative of this magnitude. During the petition gathering phase that ends on February 1, 2024 we have one-time and recurring costs associated with consulting, printing, communications, administration, shipping, supplies, travel, etc.

While nothing in the Election Code prohibits a political committee from paying individuals to collect petitions, we are utilizing volunteer petition gatherers exclusively. Therefore, we are circulating petition form DS-DE 155A